Write whatever you want here. It can pretty much be as long as you want. Write about you. Insert some links. Talk about your cat. Whatever. I personally think it looks best if it fills up some space, yeah. To change this text, you're going to have to do it in the "edit html" section.

Write whatever you want here. It can pretty much be as long as you want. Write about you. Insert some links. Talk about your cat. Whatever. I personally think it looks best if it fills up some space, yeah. To change this text, you're going to have to do it in the "edit html" section.

Write whatever you want here. It can pretty much be as long as you want. Write about you. Insert some links. Talk about your cat. Whatever. I personally think it looks best if it fills up some space, yeah. To change this text, you're going to have to do it in the "edit html" section.

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Full name of Character: Spade Volkov
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: His mother tried to kill him with a Spade when he was little, because he was born with one eye he was considered a curse. She refused to name him, and so he just became Spade to his family.
Nickname: N/A
Reason for nickname: N/A
Race: Russian- human
Occupation/class: slave
Social class: slave

Physical Appearance:

Age: 32
How old they appear: in his 40’s

Face Claim: Sam Riley

Alternate Face Claim: Danny O’Donoghue


Char’s favorite color: Blue
Hobbies: Drinking and smoking, mostly, as well as the occasional gambling. He’s also good with technology and enjoys collecting weapons
How do they spend a rainy day? Organizing his weapons collection or drinking the rain away


Are they a daredevil or cautious? He’s always been a bit of a daredevil
Do they act the same alone as when with someone? No, he’s very quiet when hes around people, but by himself he can just relax
Habits: Drinking and smoking mostly
Greatest Strength: He’s smart and good with technology
Greatest Weakness: He gets angry easily
Soft spot: abandoned or abused children
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: he tries not to make it obvious, but for the most part it is. He helps out children in need. 
If not, how do they hide it: 
Biggest Vulnerability: His missing eye. He feels incomplete and worthless about it. 


Hometown: A small town in Russia. 
Type of childhood: Abusive
First Memory: Playing with his older siblings outside in the winter
Most important child hood event that still effects him/her: His mother shunning him at every turn
Why? He grew up without the love of his mother, when he got to see his siblings accepted and loved by her
Education: Military training
Religion: None
Finances: Poor


Mother: ___ Volkov
Relationship with her: Abusive at best. For the most part she pretends he doesn’t exist
Father: ___ Volkov
Relationship with him: He took care of him when his mother didn’t
Siblings, How many, relationship with each: He has about seven siblings that he can remember, but the one he remembers the best is his older sister Fang. They were rather close when they were little.
Children of siblings: Unknown
Other extended family: Unknown
Close? Why or why not: No. He lost touch with them after entering the military and then being captured as a slave


Most at ease when: He’s left to himself
Most ill at ease when: Hes with a group of people
Priorities: Drinking and Smoking are two important things to him
How they feel about themselves: He hates everything about himself
If granted one wish what would it be, why? He would want a second eye, because thats what he hates most about himself. His mother always hated him for having one eye and being a curse.


Optimist or pessimist? Why? Pessimist because he grew up in such a bad environment
Introvert or extrovert? Why?  Introvert because of his upbringing, being shunned and what not.
Drives and motives: He doesn’t have much to motivate himself besides making it to his next drink or smoke
Extremely skilled at: technology
Extremely unskilled at: cooking
Good characteristics: Dedicated, Brave, Jack of All Trades
Character flaws: Greedy, Habit-driven, Insecure
Darkest secret: He almost got himself blown up in the military and now has scars covering his chest. 
Does anyone know? Not at the moment
How did they find out:


One word they would use to describe themselves: cursed
What do they consider their best physical characteristic and why: He likes his hair because its long enough to hide his missing eye
The worst one? Why? His missing eye, of course
Are they realistic assessments? Probably
If not, why not? 
How they think others preserve them: Ugly and cursed, just as his mother did
What things would they most like to change about themselves: He would want a second eye
Why? His family saw him as cursed since he was a child
If they were changed would they be the same person, why/why not: He would probably be the same, maybe a bit more confident
Would changing make them more happy? Why/why not: Yes, he would be happier with a second eye

Interaction with other people:

How do they relate to others: He doesn’t relate at all, he grew up so differently
How are they perceived by strangers: Generally as some sort of freak
Friends:  N/A
Wife/husband/lover:  N/A
What do people like most about this char: Probably his protective nature
What do they dislike most about them: His snappish personality


Immediate: Make it to the next day
Long term: Keep himself alive
How do they plan to accomplish them: Listening and obeying
How will others be affected by this: N/A


How do they react in a crisis: He panics internally, but can stay calm on the outside
Kind of problems they usually run into: Generally has to do with his master or housework
How they react to change:He’s used to change and can handle it


Accessories: N/A
Where do they want to live: Back home in Russia
Spending habits, why: Drinks and Smokes generally
What do they do too much of, why: ^Drink and Smoke
Most prized possession, why: He used to have a weapon that he really appreciated- a sword- but he lost it when he went into the military
Most important person in their life before story starts, why: Himself. He isn’t close with anyone at this time. He cares about only himself and keeping himself alive
How do they spend the week just before the story starts: It was probably his last week in the military, before he was injured

Name: Spade Volkov

Age: 32

Country of Origin: Russia

Face Claim: Sam Riley

Triumphs: Spade’s best quality is being loyal to those who deserve it. He doesn’t have many friends, but the ones he does have he is die-hard loyal toward. He would do anything for them, include give his own life. This probably comes from a mixture of being in the service and having no one care for him as a child, so he loves the few people he has. He also has the ability to look at a weapon of any kind and tell you about how much its worth and what era its from without having to do background research, and hes pretty good with technology.

Downfalls: Spade is a bit of a lecher. He’s into both girls and guys, particularly those younger than he is. Late teens and early twenties are his favorites. His english skills aren’t perfect, though he tries, and his habits are bad. He’s a bit of a drinker and a smoker, working all day just to spend his money on alcohol and cigarettes. He’s not particularly good with people, either. He tries really hard, but he just says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Even back home in Russia he was like this, so it isn’t just his English skills. He’s also not too bright and can be fooled easily, because of this he doesn’t trust strangers. 

Dreams: Spade’s biggest goal is to stay alive. He’s used to living every day wondering how he will get his next meal thanks to his childhood, or wondering what tomorrow will bring thanks to his time in the service, so he’s not used to having stability. He also makes quite a few enemies that are out for his life, so as long as he is alive, its a blessing. In his short term goals, he would also like to make enough money to keep himself sustained with spare for alcohol and tobacco, but he’s more focused on having enough to live.

Fears: Spade is afraid of death. The concept of death terrifies him, although he will lie and never admit to it. He has been afraid of death since he was a child and was threatened by his mother on a day to day basis. He’s scared of having to go back into the Russian military, or the military of any kind to be honest, because his experience was less than pleasant. He’s also scared of fire, thanks to the burns on his chest from a bomb explosion, and has a slight fear of other people because hes so used to being taunted. 

History: Spade was born into a large family on the outskirts of northern Russia. He was one of the youngest children and born without one eye. Superstition caused his mother to hate him and attempt to kill him, but he was saved by his father at the last moment. This was how he was given the name Spade, or the Russian word for it anyway, because his mother had attacked him with one. It was his father who gave him this nickname, because his mother refused to name him.

Spade grew up poor and mistreated by his family. He hated being there and joined the military as soon as he could, figuring that it would get him out of the house and into a solid life. Unfortunately for him, the other soldiers treated him terribly because of his missing eye and poor background. He was from a part of Russia that the others deemed “for the poor” and didn’t want him around. He was discharged when he was caught in a bomb explosion, leaving the front half of his body burned. His chest is the only area that never recovered, still scourged with burn marks.

He was paid for his recovery and used this money to travel to America, figuring he would have a better life there than in Russia. In America, they wouldn’t judge him for what part of Russia he came from. He ended up in New York and had no money to travel any farther than that, so he settled down in a crummy apartment and lived life like he had lived in back home- drinking and smoking. He got work in a factory in New York that paid him enough to live with a little extra, and has no intention of leaving his job or home now. His life is good enough as is.

He spends his free time in Club Galleria because the people there seem to accept him. It’s a place where he can smoke, drink, and hook up without much extra energy expended, making the place ideal for him. He spends almost all of his freetime there, when hes not working long hours at the factory.